Monday, August 18, 2014

More Layout with Shapes & New Stuff

Hey all. Pam here. It's been a while since I shared on this blog. First, something I am totally excited about, is to share the new Chickaniddy Collections (after that I will share my latest projects!)..One is called Scrumptious and the other is called Jolly Good. Catchy huh? They are both bright, fun and filled with so many GREAT patters!  Here is a photo of each collection kit so you can see the awesome stuff Heidi created. So excited. I will be posting my new projects with Scrumptious on August the 5th!

 photo Scrumptious-12x12-Collection-Pack-Cover-336x350_zps3d25f531.jpg

 photo Jolly-Good-12x12-Collection-Pack-Cover-336x350_zpsff5a74a0.jpg 


Now onto my latest pages! I took a very short break and then I was inspired by things like ads and pinterest. My first page, I scrapped just days after my husband and son earned their orange belts. As you can see below, I went a little wild with the flying stars. I was soooo proud of them!!


My next page features hanging hearts. As you know I LOVE to do pages with hanging hearts. I have done a few before. This photo screamed to me hanging hearts. Don't know why... but here is the result!


My next page features circles. This is probably my favorite shape to scrap. I love clouds and how they often look like circles over circles. That is how I got the inspiration for my page!

The last page I am sharing features hexagons, and a whole bunch of them. Hexagons have been such a fun trend the page few years and I just couldn't resist creating this!

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Hi everyone!  Sharon here today wishing you all a happy Sunday.

Because I have seen so many ways to add geometric shapes to scrapbook pages lately, I thought it would be fun to share some different ways that I used triangles on my recent layouts.

1) Hand-cut Triangles:

 I cut these triangles then machine stitched them horizontally onto my layout:

 2) Punched Triangles:

This time, my triangles were punched with an old favorite punch from my stash

and machine stitched vertically onto my page:

3) Banners and borders:

I started with very bright patterned paper as my background: 

 and added black triangles at the top in the form of a banner and the bottom as a border.

4)  Shapes:

I saw an idea in a magazine about using geometric shapes to create simple forms.

So I cut my the triangles and overlapped them to make the shape of a trees:

That's it!  All four layouts were extremely easy and fun to make with the addition of the triangles.  I cannot wait to see what you create using geometric shapes.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Layout + Free Cutting Files

Hey there. This is Pam and today I am sharing my page that I created with a free cutting file. I started with an idea of overlapping half circles over one and other and realized that after I created my design, it kinda looks like mini rainbows! I repeated the design and then erased out some of the half circles. 
Here is how my layout came out. 

 date night sm
Supplies: Chickaniddy Date Night: Awesome Blossom (DN14OS01), Cutest Couple (DN14OS05), Together is Better (DN14OS09), Downtown (DN14OS03), Plaid is Rad (DN14OS12), Sticker Sheet (DN14EB02), Mini Banner Stickers (DN14EB03), Mini Sticker Tags (DN14EB04), Enamel Hearts (DN14EB07), Brads (DN14EB06); Twirly Girly: Paper Posies (TG14OS05), Tea Party (TG14OS03), Keepsakes (TG14OS040, Piggy Tails (TG14OS12); Gold Foil Paper (CN14SP001).  

You can download the background cutting file here: 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Layered Foil Paper + Sneaks of NEW Chickaniddy Products!

Good morning! This is Pam sharing two things with you this morning. First a special sneak peek of the NEW Chicknaiddy lines coming up!! Second is a project I created! Here is a teaser of the two new collections coming soon. I absolutely am so so excited about this.
Jolly Good winter collection 2014 Logo Chickaniddy Crafts (Large)

Now onto my post today...I am going to be sharing one of my favorite techniques: layering die cuts with the foil paper using Chickaniddy patterned paper and foil paper.. I created this layout using the papers that Leigh shared on her card here on the May card sketch. Hers is the second card down. I absolutely love how the patterns on her card look together! I paired those colors (minus the light pink) with some photos I took of my son. I decided to layer some die cut stars together to create my design. Here is my page.

Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Foil Star Layout

 Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Foil Star Layout close-up 1
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Foil Star Layout close-up 2
As you can see, I layered the stars over one another. I made my design in my Silhouette with two layers in mind, one right over the other. I created a custom design where I put a series of larger stars with smaller stars in the middle. I die cut the larger stars out of the white cardstock. I used the negative of that. Next, I die cut the smaller stars into the gold foil paper. Again I used the negative of that. I layered those pieces of cardstock together and they fit perfectly. Underneath the negative of the gold die cut paper I adhered various patterned papers. You can how I created it here.

  never grow up 2 

 I stitched over some of the gold foil stars and put stickers in a few of them. All I needed to do was to embellish my page a bit more with brads and cut out word sentiments and I was done. Supply list: Chickaniddy Twirly Girly: Paper Posies (TG14OS05), Party Dress (TG14OS06), Tea Party (TG14OS03), This and That (TG14OS07), Never Grow Up (TG14OS11), Piggy Tails (TG14OS12), Sticker Sheet (TG14EB02), Brads (TG14EB06). Have a wonderful rest of your day!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Rainbow Technique and Free Cutting File!

Hi all, we are having a giveaway at the Chickaniddy Crafts blog, so hop on over there to leave a comment and be in the running. We are have a challenge related to my pages below:

On to my first project. I created a rainbow background and put my elements on top of it. I cut various patterns at about 1/2 inch wide and about 10 inches long and created a rainbow which went from pinks to blue and back to pinks. I die cut my title out and placed it directly over the pattern to create a neat effect.

 You know what I love about the Chickaniddy collections? At the bottom of the patterned paper, on the flip side of the product information, there is a pattern that you can cut out and use. I will try to indicate which papers I used came from what strips of paper below (they are in italics).
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow layout1
Here are some close-ups
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow layout1 close-up 1

Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow layout1 close-up 2
Supplies used:Twirly Girly paper: Birthday Girl (TG140S02), Party Dress - bottom strip dark yellow (TG14OS06), Grandma's Quilt - pink pattern and bottom strip dark green, (TG140S10), Tea Party - Light Yellow strip (TG14OS03), This and That -bottom strip dark orange polka dot (TG14OS07), Itty Bitty Ballerina - bottom strips gray polka dot (TG14OS08), Piggy tails Yellow stripe and gray polka dot (TG14OS12); Sticker Sheet (TG14EB02); Brads (TG14EB06)

Date Night paper: Downtown (front and back pattern) (CN14OS03),Spiffy Tag (DN14OS07); Mini Sticker Banner (DN14EB03); Mini Sticker Tags (DN14EB04), Sticker Sheet (DN14EB02)
Other: White cardstock, Yellow cardstock, Silhoutte machine

DON'T FORGET: I have the cutting file for my next page under the product list.  On my second page I am going to go into step by step on how I created this look. This layout was completed using lots of strips of paper and patterned paper cut into strips (about 1/2 inch wide) and cut into a circle. I started with cutting a ton of strips of paper from both collections and laying them out on the table. I did not use every single one, but this helped me when figuring out which ones to use. Here is a photo of that.
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow tutorial 1
Next I die cut my background using a cutting file (the free cutting file) I created for my Silhouette. I did this next because I wanted to know how large to cut out my circles. I cut out slightly larger circles on my silhouette because I wanted to be able to fill the circle entirely with patterns underneath. Here is a photo of my die cut.
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow tutorial 2

Next I got out all of the extra circles I created, figured out where they would go, and started to add my papers to the circles. For each circle I adhered one color line but with different colored strips to each circle. I cut off the ends so the end product would be circles with different color lines. The main colors I used were: Dark grey, grey, light grey, dark blue, light lime green, darker greens, mint (blue/green), dark yellow, orange, pink, and dark pink. Here is a photo.
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow tutorial 3
You will see in the final product here I chose to add circles from the sticker sheets over some of the patterns because I thought it looked better. I also embellished my page quite a bit,  and added my text and photos.
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow layout2

Here are close-ups.
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow layout2 close-up 1
Pam Callaghan Chickaniddy Rainbow layout2 close-up 2
I am going to share again in the product list the bottom strips of the paper in italic.
Supplies: Twirly Girly paper: Rosy (TG14OS01) Birthday Girl (TG140S02, Tea Party  gray/ white diagonal, bottom strip light yellow (TG14OS03), Paper Posies - bottom strip orange (TG14OS05), Party Dress (TG14OS06), Keepsakes - pink w/writing,  green pattern, teapots, bottom strip pink (TG14OS04), Grandma's Quilt - pink pattern and bottom strip dark green (TG14OS10); Itty Bitty Ballerina - solid orange, solid gray, solid dark pink and bottom strips gray polka dot (TG14OS08), Never Grow Up (TG140OS11), Piggy tails - pink notes, yellow stripe, gray polka dot,dark pink pattern), and bottom strip dark pink polka dot (TG14OS12); Alpha Stickers (TGEB01), Mini Banner Stickers (TG14EB03); Mini Sticker Tags (TG14EB04), Enamel Hearts (TG14EB05)

Date Night paper: Awesome Blossom (DN14OS01)Together is Better - dark and light blue pin striped and mint (TG14OS09),Backwoods Lovin' (BN14OS10), Downtown - bottom strip polka dot dark blue (CN14OS03), Spiffy Tags (14OS07), Wallflower - Orange houndstooth and bottom strip dark blue (DN14OS08), Plaid is Rad - Navy Striped, Dark Mint/blue polka dot, orange with white spots. mint with lights, Orange with hearts, gray plaid,  bottom strips mint polka dot (DN14OS12); Alpha Stickers (DN14EB01), Sticker Sheet (DB14EB02), Mini Banner Sticker (DN14EB03), Enamel Hearts (DN14EB07), Brads (DN14EB06)

FREE CUTTING FILES (note: they are in a different font than I used on my page)
Chickaniddy Pretty Circles Cutting File

Chickaniddy Pretty Circles .svg Cutting File

Chickaniddy Pretty Circles .studio Cutting File

Have a great day ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another layout using Twirly Girls collection!

Good Morning everyone.  Sharon here to share a layout that I made using the Twirly Girls collection.
I saw Pam's recent pages that she posted using this collection, and just had to try it myself.

I decided to make to girly page with these wonderful papers, and use a photo of my oldest daughter's smile to commemorate your 20th birthday!  I converted it to black and white, too, and used both photos.

And they look like this on my page:

Next, I went "shopping" in my stash and found some things that I could use that I already had on hand:

I used the word "smile" as shown above in the die cuts from Little Yellow Bicycle, but didn't like the orange color.  So I used some Donna Salazar ink and old Doodlebug glitter to make it pink and girly:

and it came out like this:

 I loved the pennants and little hearts from this collection, too:

as follows:

I had so much fun working with these beautiful papers and embellishments.

Here is my final layout:

We would love to see more pages from all of you, too!

And thanks so much for visiting "Ideas for Scrapbooking" today.

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